Recommended timeline for wedding day photography

I often get asked what is the timeline and order for photographs on the wedding day.This is purely a suggested guide, and is for a ceremony with a nearby reception venue. It’s worth remembering that weddings rarely run according to schedule, so although it is a good idea to have a timeline planned out I always just go with the flow on the wedding day!
9.00am Bride getting ready and detail photos
11.30am Bride is ready, photographer departs for ceremony venue
12.10pm Bride departs for ceremony venue
12.30pm Ceremony
1.30pm Congratulations outside ceremony venue - I call this "Meet and Greet"
1.50pm Confetti and large group photo
2.00pm Depart for reception venue
2.30pm At reception venue for welcome drinks and canapés
3.00pm Group photographs
3.30pm Bride & Groom photographs
4.00pm More mingling
4.30pm Call to be seated for dinner
4.45pm Bride & Groom enter the room, and dinner is served
6.15pm Speeches
6:45-7:15 Bride and Groom portraits
7.30pm Evening guests to start arriving and photo booth is running
8.15pm Cake Cutting and First Dance
8.30pm onwards music, dancing and having fun
9:00pm Night time portraits and buffet