How to look amazing in your wedding photos !

You want to look amazing on your wedding photos but don't want to spend hours posing for the perfect look or your best angle.
Here's my guide to looking effortlessly beautiful on your wedding photos...

Article Contribution

I was asked to contribute to an article about posing for the perfect picture, read the full feature here...

Tips on planning the perfect wedding

Wedding planning shouldn’t be stressful. It doesn’t have to be expensive either with more low key weddings that mean something to the couple currently being in fashion.
I have photographed so many weddings over the last few years and being married myself I think I have a fair bit of knowledge on where to put your money. Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you when planning your special day:

Happy New Year !

2018 has been amazing for Sharon Trees Photography. I have been extraordinarily lucky and had the pleasure of working with so many amazing couples and their families in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and even further afield. . It is very humbling how many personal moments that I get to witness and photograph

Recommended timeline for wedding day photography

I often get asked what is the timeline and order for photographs on the wedding day.This is purely a suggested guide, and is for a ceremony with a nearby reception venue. It’s worth remembering that weddings rarely run according to schedule, so although it is a good idea to have a timeline planned out I always just go with the flow on the wedding day!

Why I love engagement sessions

I love engagement sessions and offer them complimentary with my full day wedding photography package.
Here are a few reasons why engagement sessions are so important!

Essential wedding day photography list

When I pre-meet my couples I ask them to compile a list of no more than 10 photos that they really want taking on the wedding day. The reasoning behind this is that I want to help them avoid a trap that many couples fall into: 6 months after your wedding you don't want to be thinking "Oh, I wish I had a picture of me and... "

My guide to making you feel comfortable in front of the camera

Whether you’re with me for a full day at a wedding or just for an hour on a portrait session one of my best skills I’m told is making you feel comfortable.
I try and make all my sessions enjoyable and fun. The best photographs are always the ones where the people in the picture look relaxed and natural.
So here is how it is done my way:

Behind the scenes of a wedding photographer

There's A LOT that goes on behind the scenes that most people don't see or even know about to get those beautiful and fun wedding photos.

As a wedding photographer, I see a lot of crazy things, from photobombs, silly antics and surprises. I get to share so many laughs with my couples, their bridal party and guests and I am lucky enough to be there to capture those moments.

Tips for preparing for bridal prep

I love this time pre-ceremony and feel it is an important part of the day to capture as your photographer. However, most brides, when I mention bridal prep break out into a cold sweat as they perceive that its all going to be hair rollers, knickers and no make-up! I think I am right in saying that every bride to be I have photographed feels so much more comfortable that I am female, relaxed, organised and above all discreet. What happens in bridal prep stays in bridal prep, LOL !

So, don’t fear, Sharon is here to give you some tips for a stress free and enjoyable bridal prep session:

How I got started as a wedding photographer in Sheffield

One of the most popular questions I get asked when I meet couples is, how long have I been a photographer and how did I get started as a wedding photographer?
So, I decided…I should probably write post about it.

Choosing your wedding day photographer

How do you chose the photographer that is right for you on your wedding day ?
There are so many of us out there right? All vying for your attention with special offers and beautiful portfolios.
In an over saturated market how do you chose “the one” that is the perfect match for you?